Political Culture and Party Pluralism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Elma Huruz Memović
Keywords: political culture, party pluralism, political structure, political parties


In this article we discuss political culture and analyse how the dominant model of this culture affects the functioning of party pluralism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Political culture is a concept that combines psychological aspects such as political attitudes, orientations, political behaviour and social action, as well as sociological dimensions that include the social effects of political attitudes and patterns of behaviour. In this sense, political culture is one of the most important conditions for the establishment and normal functioning of party pluralism and democracy in a country.

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Huruz Memović, E. 2020. Political Culture and Party Pluralism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnian Studies: Journal for Research of Bosnian Thought and Culture. 4, 1 (Oct. 2020), 72-81. DOI:https://doi.org/10.47999/bos.2020.4.1.72-81.
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